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Streamlined. Innovative. Settlement Solutions.

Walk Through Specialists (WTS) is a team of dedicated work comp professionals that are focused on bringing files to closure and creating a smoother process for claims handlers, WCAB staff and injured workers.

Injured worker outreach

Our injured worker outreach program is designed bridge the gap between claims handlers and injured workers by meeting with injured workers face-to-face.

Walk Through Settlements

We are the leader in walk through settlements. We have the fastest turn around time and are second to none in getting settlements approved at the WCAB.

Post-Settlement Medical Administration

Our innovative settlement tool box consist of CareGuard and Amethyst which can ease injured workers’ post-settlement concerns.

Lien Resolution

We make lien resolution simple. No percentage of cost savings billing. Simple hourly rate with a cap. Statewide coverage and average of 45 days or less to close.

EDD Lien Resolution

We have the most cost effective EDD lien resolution service in the industry.

Hearing Representation

We can assist with last minute hearings, MSC, Status Conferences, filings, and almost anything else that goes down at the WCAB.

Settlement Projects

Our company is structured to shine when it comes to settlement projects. We are the perfect partner for ambitious settlement initiatives.

Document Preparation

We typically can turn around settlements docs in 24 hours or less when we are provided the needed information.

Don’t keep a claim open longer than you have to.