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About Us
Streamlining the settlement
and claims closure process


WTS brings a strategic, programmatic, and unique approach to claims closure that is not seen anywhere else in the industry today. We are the only company that is focused on enhancing the effectiveness and improving the outcomes of claims handler efforts with regards to claims resolution and closure.


More settlements

WTS has an industry changing settlement tool box that enables us to settle open medical claims that would otherwise remain open.


Faster closure.

A combination of proprietary solutions and a large network of hearing representative allows us to set the standard when it comes to getting things done fast.


Happier injured workers.

At the end of the day the injured worker must be happy with the settlement. Our staff is composed of compassionate professionals that are very experienced assisting injured workers with making settlement decisions.


Our Skills & Expertise

Here is a quick look at our primary strengths.

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Injured worker outreach 0
Lien Resolution 0
Professional Administration of medical funds 0

Our Supertastic Team

WTS is a team commited to providing top notch service to our clients. We’re a group of cool, down to earth, compassionate, dedicated and customer centric people.