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Drive more settlements

WTS offers unique settlement tools that are designed to settle open medical claims that would not otherwise settle.

Streamlined Process

We extend the reach of claim handlers and fill the gaps in the settlement process to achieve settlement up to up to 80% faster.

Programmatic Approach

WTS can be implemented programmatically to maximize settlement efforts & reduce legal expenses.



EDD Lien Check & Resolution

Prior to reaching an agreement with the injured worker we check for any EDD exposure.


Draft Settlement Documents

Save time and by utilizing our document drafting services.


Injured Worker Outreach

We reach out to the injured worker in person to assist in explain & negotiate settlements as well as obtain signatures.


Obtain Approval

Usually within 48-72 hours our hearing representatives will walk-through the settlement documents and obtain approval from the WCAB.

Bridging the gap between claims staff and injured workers, our goal is to make settlement easy for all parties involved.